Uncommon eMail Marketing Advice

When it comes to email marketing, the most important lessons aren’t necessarily common sense. I’ve had a few a-ha moments along the way. If you are struggling to get results from your efforts, perhaps you’ll find the reason and solution here.

#1. While you might say you can sell to anyone, you can’t create an email campaign that will appeal to everyone. Don’t waste your time trying – diluted content is boring. Identify the best niche within your overall target market and create your newsletter for them.

#2. Give subscribers what THEY want, not what you want to give them. Start with what would be useful or interesting for your target market, then compare that to your goals to find a sweet spot.

#3. What can you give your subscribers that they can’t get anywhere else? Identify that, find a way to deliver it, and you’ve got it made.

#4. Don’t hide your unsubscribe link. You want your readers to know they can signal their lack of interest at any time. Let them manage their own subscription so you don’t have to.

#5. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be about you or what you do. You read right. It’s more important to give value and be seen as the business giving it. (Our own newsletter is not about doing newsletters even though that’s what we do.)

#6. Short and simple can be hard to do. What if you paid $1 for every word you use?

#7. Less choice gets more action. If you want your readers to take a very specific action, focus your calls to action around that… and nothing else. Too much choice will often lead to no choice.

#8. The execution of your strategy is ALL about you. Mistakes are fodder for gossip – you will be judged.

#9. The most important thing you can do when you meet a potential customer is to get them added to your contact list. Then you will always have the opportunity to grow the relationship.

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