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Features vs Benefits in Small Business Marketing


We can get so caught up in all the details of what we do that it’s often hard to see our businesses from the outside as customers and potential customers. It’s that “too much knowledge” thing. Our brains naturally fill in blanks to create a … Keep reading…

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Is Your Website Social-Media-Sharing-Friendly?


You come across some really great information that you want to share on your LinkedIn feed (or Facebook, Twitter…). You write the post with care, telling your followers why they should check it out. You paste in the website URL and… ugh. There’s no image. … Keep reading…

How to Avoid Iffy Language in Your Marketing Calls-to-action


If your ideal client has finally found you – your website, your blog, your social profiles – you want to be strong and confident with your calls-to-action. I’ve written before about ‘just’ and ‘feel free’ and other wishy-washy language. It doesn’t serve you well. Here’s … Keep reading…

Is Your Website Working for You or Against You?


Every time I do online research, I find broken things. I’m curious; I like to see how things work. And it’s quite amazing how many times I find things that don’t work, or don’t work well. I’m not just talking about small business websites – even … Keep reading…

What Do You REALLY Want People to Do on Your Website?


Over the last 10 years or so I’ve built close to 100 websites and landing pages. In the olden days, clients would send me Word docs with the text for each page. I would add the pages, insert the text, and insist on a call-to-action … Keep reading…

Jumping Up and Down, Waving for Attention


Can you remember your first really big concert? For me, it was The Rolling Stones in 1989 at CNE Stadium soon after I moved to Toronto. We had seats about mid-field and, when the concert started, it was a great spot to be. And then … Keep reading…

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Leave Out the Parts People Skip


Has anyone really read every word of Gone with the Wind? Be honest now. I’ve read it twice and I remember skipping whole pages of scene-setting descriptive text. When I read this quote by Elmore Leonard, whose books I read, it resonated with me. “I … Keep reading…

People will Judge You


I meet someone new, hear about a new local company, or get a new email subscriber – these things usually send me in search of their website. Let’s be honest, I’m there to judge them. You do it, too, whenever you check out someone’s website. … Keep reading…

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Audit your Reputation

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I know, I know! Doesn’t it sound dreadful? The Audit. Conjuring up images of spreadsheets, accountants and bad hair days. But wait… this isn’t about that kind of audit. This is much less stressful, yet just as important. We have talked about auditing your website … Keep reading…

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Make it Obvious


“Put a sign-up form on every page of your website.” You’ve heard this, right? Well, it’s good advice… sort of. Half the story is missing. Here’s the other half… with context. Imagine your best friend has just forwarded to you a newsletter they’re raving about. … Keep reading…