Is Your Website Social-Media-Sharing-Friendly?

You come across some really great information that you want to share on your LinkedIn feed (or Facebook, Twitter…). You write the post with care, telling your followers why they should check it out. You paste in the website URL and… ugh. There’s no image. Even worse, there’s a blown-up, cut-off logo or some other graphic that just does not represent the site you want to send your fans to. So you change your mind and don’t share.

Obvious Lesson = You don’t want this to happen when someone goes to share your information. Of course, you also don’t want this to happen when you share your own info.

Even if you know about this already, I bet it’s been a while since you’ve checked every page on your website. (Big pause here as I go check my own website. Yup, found 2 things to fix.)

You might be wondering how I did that so fast. Here are 3 tools you can use to check your own website pages. Simply copy/paste your URL to see how a specific page (or post) will appear on your fave platform: (updated Mar-3-23)

  • Twitter – Use the Tweet Composer in the Twitter client itself (on 4.8k, or the Twitter for Android or Twitter for iOS apps) to check out a preview that would accurately reflect the current display of the card on Twitter. To do this, start to create a new Tweet and paste the link into the Tweet Composer – there should be no need to post the Tweet, as the card preview will render automatically if the URL has appropriate card metadata.
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

If you’re creating content that you want others to share, you’ll definitely want to check to make sure it’s share-worthy.