Leads or List-building… Decisions, Decisions

It’s so easy to get distracted when doing our own marketing work. Even when we have a plan and the supporting processes in place, losing focus is a daily challenge.

Recently while masterminding with a friend, we were reviewing an email automation that she’s been running for a few months. We were getting hung up on whether to shift a specific call-to-action to a different point in the sequence, repeat it, or… hmm. That’s when we realized we were tweaking without the end goal in mind.

When I asked for a reminder of the specific goal for that automation, she told me it was to generate consulting leads. Suddenly it was obvious – we were trying to add list-building CTAs when we should have been refining the process to generate leads and act on them.

With renewed focus, we quickly identified a couple of key actions to improve the process. Like every marketing experiment, we’ll see what happens… and likely have a similar conversation again in a few months 😉

The lesson (re-)learned? When mired in details, it always helps to step back and consider… “What the heck am I trying to achieve here?” And be very specific if you want to see specific results.

This post offers more to consider when it comes to lead magnets and list-building decisions…

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