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Talking to More Than One Market? There’s a Strategy for That


It can be hard enough to figure out a marketing strategy for one target market, let alone two or more. Yet it’s absolutely worthwhile to create content as specific to your contacts’ interests as possible. Because if you are trying to satisfy everyone, no one … Keep reading…

Answers to Email Marketing Strategy Questions


Over 13 years of specializing in email newsletters, I’ve been asked a lot of different questions. And I’m pretty sure you’ll find answers to most of them here on my blog. But of course, nothing stays the same for long when it comes to marketing. … Keep reading…

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Perseverance. Persistence. Patience. Repetition. Determination!


When Ann Perry first got in touch to ask if I could help her with ActiveCampaign, I had no clue what I was in for. But I was hooked right away because she had just under 5000 email subscribers and almost 20K YouTube subscribers. One … Keep reading…

dripping fawcet

To Drip, or Not… What is the Goal?


If you’re new to the lead magnet game, you may be confused… and rightfully so. There’s a lot of info and advice out there, much of it is conflicting. This article comes nowhere close to covering the whole gamut of options but my goal is … Keep reading…

Newsletter, Blog, Promotion, Advertisement, Spam – An Email by Any Other Name


When you scan your inbox each morning, how do you decide what to open, what to delete, or what to leave for later reading? People choose to open emails based roughly 50% on the subject line and 50% on recognizing the sender’s name. That’s a rough … Keep reading…

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Always Showing Up


One night last week I dreamed that Mary Jane Copps and I co-authored a best-selling book called “Always Showing Up”. It was about the importance of being seen often and always bringing value to clients, potential clients and referrers – the commitment to building relationships … Keep reading…

What are You Curious About? That’s Your Marketing Content!


My friend Anita Kirkbride has been digging deep into all the social media platforms for years and regularly shares updates on changes and new developments. Another friend Alison Knott enjoys reading about stats, trends and best practices, and shares interesting tidbits in her monthly newsletter … Keep reading…

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I Want to Start a Newsletter for My Small Business – Where Do I Start?


It’s easy to get hamstrung by what you don’t know… and then do nothing at all. If starting an email newsletter for your small business has been on your to-do list for a while, here’s the perfect place to start. Below I’ve gathered my best … Keep reading…

What Are Your Small Business Blogging Goals?


If your answer to the title of this post is “increase sales”, you’ve got that part right. But you should also realize that there’s no direct path from one to the other. You don’t start a blog and immediately make more sales – although I … Keep reading…

Try a Newsletter Full of Tidbits


Tidbit is defined as “a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.” (Just in case you’re Canadian and were thinking about chocolate Timbits.) The most successful newsletters I’ve seen are full of tidbits. A tidbit is short, delightful and easily digested (just like … Keep reading…

What Are You NOT?


Every small business owner struggles with their messaging from time to time and this is especially true when developing content for a new or refreshed website. I – and you – can sit and make a long list of words and phrases that describe the … Keep reading…

BE the Rabbit Hole


You know when you’ve been online for a while – scrolling, reading, tapping – and then realize the time? We may feel good (because we learned something), bad (because something pushed a hot button), or indifferent (what level on HayDay?). Regardless, we still think of … Keep reading…

Email Newsletters – Develop Your Strategy First


The process of starting an email newsletter for your small business involves focusing on these aspects: strategy, tactics and tools. It makes sense to approach them in a logical order from high-level thinking through to detailed work. Strategy First This is where you consider that your … Keep reading…

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Find Marketing Opportunities in Your Own Content


Marketing analytics can be confusing. You need to learn how to use the software to get data. Then you need to figure out what information you want from the data. Then you need to figure out what actions to take now that you’re wiser. Here’s … Keep reading…

Who Are You Marketing To?


You know those workshops you go to where the instructor puts you on the spot right at the start by asking you to describe your target market? I’m one of those instructors. And I do it because a discussion about target markets is a critical … Keep reading…

Long Term Planning for Your Small Business Blog


While teaching a blogging class to small business folk recently, we were doing an exercise to get us thinking about our blogging strategies beyond the next post or the next month. We posted flip chart sheets around the walls and together filled in all the … Keep reading…

Writing is Not the Only Ingredient of a Winning Blog


Blogging success has less to do with your writing skill than you might think. Yes, it has to be interesting or useful… hopefully, both! But if it’s not also these other things below, it likely won’t be successful for your business: #1. Valuable What’s in … Keep reading…

Why You Need to Create Original Content


“If all you’re sharing is other people’s content, why do people need to follow you?” ~ Anita Kirkbride Recently I’ve sat with a couple of small business owners who have been “on social media” for a while but have not been doing much there. In … Keep reading…

How to Deliver Valuable Content


If you’ve struggled with success when it comes to blogging, newsletters or even social media, it may be because you’re missing the essential ingredient – value. There are many things you can do right or wrong but, if you aren’t giving value, the rest won’t … Keep reading…

Content Strategy: A Formula for Success [Infographic]


It’s not secret, magic or special but it IS important. If you don’t start your content strategy with these steps, you’ll be thinking about them later… perhaps too late.

A Simple Content Management Tool (includes worksheet)


Many people have yet to embrace the concept of content management. I’m going to show you a simple way to get your arms around it, and keep them firmly gripped. First, print or use this fillable worksheet (or draw 3 columns on a sheet of … Keep reading…

How to Find Time to Create Content

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Whether you write for your blog, newsletter or social media – or all three – there are two approaches to creating your content: on the fly or by scheduling time. They both have to do with finding time to do it well. You can spend … Keep reading…

Designed for Success – Client Success Story


The thought of designing a newsletter for a designer was a little daunting, but I jumped at the opportunity when Melanie Orr of Interiors by Melanie first approached me. I recently asked her to tell me how it’s helping her small business and this is … Keep reading…

Jessie Toope

Loyalty isn’t Instant


I’ve been keeping an eye on our blog because I know I’m approaching 250 articles and I want to celebrate that milestone. I’ve been feeling pretty good about that. Four years of consistent blogging is an accomplishment, don’t you think? Now, here’s some perspective. I … Keep reading…