Try a Newsletter Full of Tidbits

Tidbit is defined as “a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.” (Just in case you’re Canadian and were thinking about chocolate Timbits.)

The most successful newsletters I’ve seen are full of tidbits. A tidbit is short, delightful and easily digested (just like a Timbit). It makes the reader feel like they’ve instantly learned something. Or it tweaks their curiosity to want to know more about something. Or maybe it makes them laugh and lightens their day.

A newsletter full of tidbits also has a little something for everybody. A simple example is this newsletter I prepped for the Nova Scotia SPCA. Some pet owners only like dogs or only like cats – the newsletter has different articles about either or both. Some people are interested in pet health, others aren’t. Some people want to read emotional success stories, others don’t. Some shop at the SPCA Thrift Stores, others don’t. I’m sure you get the drift. Not every reader will read the whole newsletter top to bottom but they can each find at least one useful or interesting tidbit.

If it isn’t already obvious, this type of newsletter can require a bit of work. You need to be writing blog posts, gathering news and other content items, and planning a bit in advance for each issue. The good news is that once you start, it becomes a habit to be always alert and scanning for newsletter content, whether you’re reading on your tablet. attending networking events, teaching, or having sales conversations. And this is a habit that can elevate your reputation and expertise overall.

If you’re considering starting a regular newsletter, you can find lots of resources and advice on this blog. Or, if you’d like some help, you and I could have a chat to see if we’re a good fit. Click here for more info and to book a call.