Answers to Email Marketing Strategy Questions

Over 13 years of specializing in email newsletters, I’ve been asked a lot of different questions. And I’m pretty sure you’ll find answers to most of them here on my blog. But of course, nothing stays the same for long when it comes to marketing. Some advice I would give 10 years ago isn’t as important today or maybe no longer applies. This is especially true for email marketing strategy.

Technology changes providing new functionality and allowing for new ways to do things. And this inspires new strategies, whether you’re starting out or have been enjoying the benefits of email marketing for years. Inspired strategy is necessary to succeed with email.

There’s a limited supply of attention for a seemingly unlimited supply of marketing.

It will only continue to be more difficult to connect with people by email – it’ll never get easier. That means there’s no better time to start than now. Perhaps this video will help inspire your thinking about email strategy.

Ask Us Anything about Email Marketing Strategy

On September 8th, Alison Knott, of Alison K Consulting, and I had a lively discussion about email marketing strategy with some folks who joined us on a live webinar. Here are a few questions you’ll find answered in the video below.

  • How do I grow my newsletter subscriber list?
  • How much time should I devote?
  • Where do I put my sign-up form?
  • How can segmenting help?
  • How do I adapt my strategy during these uncertain times?