Are You Working Your Assets Off?

We don’t often think of all that hard marketing work we do as creating assets. But that’s most assuredly what we’re doing. Marketing assets include anything you use to promote your products, services and brand.

Here’s a simple exercise that will make you feel good about all that hard work you do. Plus it’ll give you a point of focus when you start planning to achieve new goals.

Jot down a quick bullet list of all of your marketing assets. You probably have more than you realize, especially if you’ve been marketing for a while.

As an example, here’s my list:

  • websites (2)
  • blog (600+ posts)
  • many downloadable resources (worksheets, etc.)
  • email contact lists associated with regular mailings (3)
  • followings on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Social Media Day Halifax conference
  • free workbook (for list building)
  • testimonials (100+)
  • a close network of other marketing professionals (giving/receiving referrals/support)
  • reseller account with ActiveCampaign
  • examples of clients’ completed work (newsletters and websites)

How do I use this list? Whenever I have a new business idea, I can easily decide which marketing assets to leverage to achieve my new goal. Of course, this leads to more lists and action items… and often more assets.

Now do a little happy dance. Whether your list is long or short, it’ll give you focus to achieve more.