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Talking to More Than One Market? There’s a Strategy for That


It can be hard enough to figure out a marketing strategy for one target market, let alone two or more. Yet it’s absolutely worthwhile to create content as specific to your contacts’ interests as possible. Because if you are trying to satisfy everyone, no one … Keep reading…

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Get to Know Your Contacts Better


This post was going to be titled “What You Need to Know About Segmenting” but that sure didn’t seem like a good reason for you to open and read. Even I tend to avoid articles making use of those marketing concept words. Segmenting is a … Keep reading…

Are You Turning People Off With Your Marketing?


Do you, like me, cringe if someone points out something about your marketing they don’t like? Recent chats with other marketers have me realizing… I don’t get enough complaints. How are complaints useful? Disqualifying prospects: If complaints are from people who aren’t in your target … Keep reading…


It’s Easy to Market to Yourself

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“People tell us who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be.” – Donald Draper If my target market consisted of 1000 of me, my marketing efforts would be so much easier. After all, I … Keep reading…


Avoiding False Assumptions

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I am not my own ideal client. Certainly, I fit within the target market I have so clearly defined. Being a small business owner, I can identify with all of my ideal clients – we share many of the same needs and desires. But there … Keep reading…