Talking to More Than One Market? There’s a Strategy for That

It can be hard enough to figure out a marketing strategy for one target market, let alone two or more. Yet it’s absolutely worthwhile to create content as specific to your contacts’ interests as possible. Because if you are trying to satisfy everyone, no one will be truly delighted. You know… you can’t please all the people all the time. Instead, choose to please some of them really well.

There’s an upside to making that decision that won’t be obvious at first. It actually gets easier to come up with marketing content ideas as you get more specific. You can talk about each apple on the tree instead of the whole tree.

So how does having multiple target markets impact your marketing strategy? Today I hosted a webinar with my long-time client, voice actor Natasha Marchewka to talk about that challenge. She shared how her strategy has evolved over time as her target markets changed. In the video below, we discuss:

  • Why you need a different marketing strategy for each of your target markets
  • How to develop and deliver content for each market without confusing anyone
  • Ideas, tips and advice for engaging with your different markets
  • The most important task to undertake to be able to market to multiple audiences

With more than a decade in voice-over, two decades in performance, and three decades in customer service, Natasha Marchewka adds professionalism and finesse to corporate presentations of all kinds, commercial copy, …even voicemail. Check out Natasha’s new webcast on YouTube at