Everything is Scheduled

“Everything is scheduled” is one of the most common messages I send to clients. Then I go check it off on my workflow and… onto the next thing. It feels like erasing my mental whiteboard, clearing space for more.

Scheduling marketing tasks in advance has lots of benefits. One of those was abundantly clear as I started to write this article… my power went out! But I was breathing a sigh of relief because all the newsletters and posts for the day were already scheduled.

There are so many tools we can use to avoid panics by planning and scheduling in advance. Marketing need never be an emergency or cause for stress.

Instead of cluttering up your mental energy, once something is scheduled, you can forget about it. And you can do it when you have time rather than having to make time for it.

Scheduling also keeps you from making crappy last-minute decisions. Once the scheduling is done, you can still go back and make changes if you have second thoughts.

You can probably tell I’m a fan of scheduling (no kidding!). I started my career managing inventory and scheduling production runs in a chemical plant. All of those work habits from long ago still serve me very well. In fact, scheduling might be my secret sauce… well, after my expertise at nagging.

Even if you aren’t a schedule-holic, you may quickly become one when you realize the peace of mind it can bring. And maybe more sleep? For me, it often means I don’t have to set my alarm clock.