Outstanding Newsletter Promo

Stolen from Ann Handley’s newsletter, when I saw this, I really did LOL.

Credit image & Art Director: Julius Tuvenvall

I’m not suggesting you buy a billboard but if you think people don’t sign up for newsletters anymore, you’d be wrong. Here are some reasons why people (including me and you) continue to sign up for newsletters:

  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): It’s simple – we don’t want to miss out on the good stuff. Whether it’s the latest news, trends, or a flash sale, signing up for a newsletter keeps us in the loop.
  • Exclusive Content: Everyone likes to feel special. Newsletters can offer content you can’t find anywhere else, making subscribers feel like they’re part of an exclusive club.
  • Educational Material: Some folks love to learn. Newsletters can be a treasure trove of knowledge, especially if they’re packed with expert insights and tips. (My faves ;)
  • Entertainment: Perhaps the content is funny, or maybe it’s serious and deep. Either way, a well-written newsletter can be a bright spot in a sea of mundane.
  • Keeping Up: It’s about staying informed about what’s happening in industries, with favourite brands, or with influencers.
  • Deals and Freebies: Discounts, free trials, and exclusive offers are ways to get people to share their email addresses.
  • Supporting a Cause or Individual: Sometimes it’s about the person or the cause behind the newsletter, signing up to show support and stay connected.

What is your list-building strategy? Don’t aim to fill all of these needs (unless you have a big team and budget). Instead, pick the thing you can do really well and maximize that strategy.The quality of your content determines if subscribers stay.