Saved by the Last-Minute Content Idea

You’ve been busy working in your small business – time flies when you’re having fun, right? But lying in bed at night, you mentally review all the things you keep putting off, like your next newsletter or blog post. You’ve just been too busy to take the time to get inspired.

Sometimes, even when we plan, time gets away from us. In that case, creating a wrap-up article can save the day. It’s even a task that’s easily delegated.

First, you need to come up with a topic or theme.

As an example, for me, a possible theme might be list-building strategies. If a theme doesn’t immediately come to mind, browse through your content. This might be your blog posts, past newsletters, YouTube channel, podcast, articles on Medium, and so on. Also, checking your stats (website, social posts, YouTube, etc.) can help identify different ways to “slice and dice” your content. For instance, you could create an article about your top 5 most-viewed videos (most-read blog posts, most-clicked articles on social media). Or your top 5 posts from each of the last 5 years. Or your top 5 posts on a specific topic. You get the idea. Identify 3 or more pieces of content to group together.

Time-saving Tip: If you have categories and tags on your blog, you can use those to identify articles that fit within a theme.

Next, pull it all together.

Write a short introduction and an even shorter conclusion. In between the introduction and the conclusion, paste in text and links for your featured pieces. A list of blog posts might include the title, a 1-2 sentence overview, and a link to read the post.


Here are some recent samples from clients:

OK, now you can knock off that action item and move on. For more detailed how-to info about creating wrap-up articles, read Why and How to Do a Wrap-up Article.