Get More Eyes on Your Blog Posts

You’ve written it and published it on your blog but that doesn’t mean you’re done. There are lots of ways to keep “working” that content.

My most-read blog post is from 2015. That’s because it shows up on page 1 of a Google search for “write first newsletter” (and similar search terms). Roughly 500 people read it each month. That post and a previous one on the topic have kept me on page 1 now for over 6 years. But it wasn’t always this way.

Google didn’t showcase my post until it detected that real people were reading it. Real people were reading it because I shared it often on social media and it’s been part of my onboarding process with new clients since 2012.

Here are some ways to get your blog posts in front of more readers:

  • email newsletter
  • social media
  • include it in a wrap-up
  • link from past and future posts
  • email signature
  • share it with clients/prospects/colleagues to solve a problem (when anyone asks me about writing their first issue, I send them to that post)
  • check your stats and tweak keywords, title and so on

Of course, this works best with evergreen content – articles that will still be relevant if read, say, 5 years from now. It is worth it to take the time to promote those evergreen posts more as they can work for you forever.