What Do You REALLY Want People to Do on Your Website?

Over the last 10 years or so I’ve built close to 100 websites and landing pages. In the olden days, clients would send me Word docs with the text for each page. I would add the pages, insert the text, and insist on a call-to-action for the bottom of each page. Sometimes those CTAs were different and sometimes they were all the same. Often they included wishy-washy words, like ‘feel free’, and asked people to ‘get in touch’.

Last fall when I was rebuilding my own website, my WordPress mentor asked, “What do you really want people to do on your website?” I opened my mouth… and realized I didn’t really know the answer.

How did I want people to get in touch? Who did I want contacting me?

I started with what I didn’t want. Receiving unexpected phone calls during the day can cause havoc with my workload and lead to mistakes. And sometimes I work nights and sleep mornings. The getting-in-touch part couldn’t be by a spontaneous phone call.

I also didn’t want complete strangers who are price shopping… at least not without vetting them first. My website has always been designed for people who know me or are referred to me.

This led me to put a process in place to take bookings for marketing consults and client meetings. And an intake form for newsletter campaigns. It’s more efficient for clients and myself, instead of back-and-forth emails to set a meeting date.

Now every page leads to a call-to-action that takes people to the next logical step depending on the page content – via a big bold button.

Perhaps you want people to call… in that case, put your phone number front and centre. If you want them to come by, include a map. If you want them to email, ask for that. If you want them to buy your book, link to the check-out page. To read your blog, give them a big bold button. Ask for action.