Where To Find Your Best Content Ideas

“What will I write about this week?” Wouldn’t it be great if content ideas popped into your head just when you need them? (Cue the light bulb!)

You’ll find the best content ideas amid your daily business activities – but you have to be alert for them… and jot them down. For example, let’s say you…

  • have a discussion with a customer or prospect. Content ideas: a success story, answer a question, describe a service/product, define why you’re different, an anecdote, how to solve a problem, local news.
  • receive an inquiry by phone or on Facebook. Content ideas: FAQ, describe a service/product, benefits and features.
  • learn something new. Content ideas: teach your fans, describe the learning process, give a review/opinion, share the source.
  • find a quote you love on Twitter. Content ideas: why you like it, how it’s relevant to what you do.
  • do some online research. Content ideas: share what you found, how you found it, what it means to your readers.
  • try a new application. Content ideas: first impressions, good/bad/ugly, how you’ll use it.
  • read a business book. Content ideas: a review, good/bad/ugly, why to read or not read, summary.
  • prepare a quote or proposal. Content ideas: what makes this one different from others, something common to all your proposals.
  • attend a networking event. Content ideas: conduct an informal poll, photos.
These are prime opportunities – and there are many more – to get fresh ideas for articles and social media posts. And even if some ideas aren’t so fresh, perhaps you’ll get the gift of a different perspective.
Your marketing content doesn’t need to be something you do once a week in an allotted time, independent of your other activities. Ink it when you think it!