A Planner for Marketing your Events

The devil is in the details when it comes to planning an event. There’s so much that can go wrong just in the marketing of it.

For instance, there’s nothing like a wrong date for generating a flurry of emails. Wednesday, April 19th… oops, April 19th is a Tuesday!

It helps to have a planner so I made one – download fillable PDF here. It really has 2 purposes:

  1. To ensure all the details are captured in one place and can be easily referenced.
  2. To communicate the details to others who will help market the event.
  • Once you identify your marketing platforms, you can create a more detailed campaign plan which includes messaging and frequency.
  • Don’t forget the visual! It’s so important to have an image that connects with your ideal customer. The platforms you identify will also determine your image requirements (different sizes).
  • Double-check the details and proof all the text, especially if you’ll be sharing your planner with others. The information will be frequently copied so you don’t want any mistakes.
Event marketing is one of the most fun things I do but it’s also the ripest for mistakes. Lock down the details in this planner before you start.

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