Maintain Your Marketing Messages

How’s your static content? Say what? Yup, I’m inventing new words to categorize all those things many of us small business owners call ‘marketing stuff’.

The word ‘content’ is part of my everyday vocabulary but maybe not part of yours yet. Whether you call it content or stuff, it represents you, your business and your brand to everyone that encounters it.

There are lots of ways to slice and dice content but one important distinction is whether it is dynamic or static.

Dynamic content is new and ever changing – the articles and videos you create, the messages you post on Facebook and Twitter, your newsletter, and so on.

Static content includes the messages you create once and continue to use. Things like your tagline and advertising text, everything on your website, your social media profiles, business cards, and so on.

While you’re busy working on your dynamic content all the time, it’s easy to forget about that static content. You might create it once but you shouldn’t forget about it. The best way not to forget about it is to schedule review time into your calendar – I suggest quarterly.

For your static content, here are 2 regular tasks to consider:

  1. Audit all of your online stuff. This means reading all the text and checking all the links. I highly recommend getting someone else to do this for you. If you don’t want to pay someone, find another business owner to partner with and do it for each other.
  2. Reread all of your marketing messages, always looking to make improvements. Has your target market changed? Have your services changed? Has your experience/expertise changed?

I call it static content but that doesn’t mean it should never change. It’s the lifeblood of your marketing strategy and requires your regular attention to keep it relevant and fresh.

photo by highwaysagency / Flickr
originally published in Work Better, Not Harder January 28, 2016

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