Secret Formula for Crafting Your Own Marketing Message

This article by Debi Hartlen MacDonald (New Life Business Solutions) was published in our newsletter in 2012. I keep having to go find it to refer to – yes, it’s that good – so I asked Debi if I could share it with you here on our blog. Here goes…

1. The Pain or the Challenge – What is the pain that your prospect wants to address, as it relates to your product? 

My example: “I help small business owners who are working their buns off and not making the strides in their business that they want to.” 

2. Desired Outcome – What result does your prospect want? 

My example: “I help clients attract more clients, make more money, and have more free time.” 

3. Solution – What do you do that helps them solve this problem? 

My example: “I help clients create focused, well thought out, and clearly defined sales and marketing strategies.” 

4. Why Choose You – What makes you different from your competition? 

My example: “Unlike other marketing consultants or agencies, I connect the sales with the marketing for real results – meaning money in the bank.” 

5. Proof – What is the proof that you deliver what you say you will? Do you have testimonials, case studies, etc. to relay? The more quantitative you can be, the better. 

My example: “In the first 4 months under Debi’s guidance, we saw revenue increase by 134% over the preceding four months. She lit a fire under us – and we couldn’t be happier.” (Neil Everton, Podium Media & Communications Coaching)

Debi Hartlen MacDonald of New Life Business Solutions helps her clients attract more clients, make more money and have more free time, by helping them develop focused and strategic plans in the areas of sales and marketing.

photo by jaguarmena / Flickr

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