Content Creation (Wrap-Up #4)

This is our fourth installment of content creation wrap-up posts – a library of links to all of our articles about creating interesting and useful content from January 2014 through April 2015.

I’m a big fan of repurposing content and infographics will appeal to a different audience than text. Read Repurpose Articles into Infographics to get tips on how to do this.

Your content strategy wouldn’t be complete without having a look at what others are doing. Read Research to Develop your Content Strategy for activities you can engage in regularly, perhaps quarterly, to keep current.

We all get stuck for ideas now and then. I’ve found some tools to help me get past that. You can get links to them in Idea Challenged? Here’s 3 Tools.

When looking for images to go with my articles, usually I want a look that is less staged than a purchased stock photo. As an alternative I go Searching for Creative Commons Images.

Craft your message so that negative emotions, like guilt and helplessness, are overcome by positive, empathetic ones. Read Does your Content make your Readers feel Guilty? for some tips on how to do this.

If one of your newsletter goals is to make a personal connection with your readers, A Personal Introductory Message from you is a nice touch. This message should contain your personality, but it shouldn’t be all about you.

Even if you don’t like writing, a newsletter is still possible. Find out How to Publish a Newsletter without Writing and get some great suggestions.

In Newsletter Ideas for Real Estate Professionals find lots of ideas to incorporate into your newsletter strategy if your goal is to provide useful and interesting info which will make you a trusted resource.

The next time you’re feeling that what-am-I-going-to-write-about stress, check out this list of Reusable Content Ideas to get you Unstuck. All of these triggers can give you topics to write about immediately.

Aside from possibly saving you time, there’s a strategic reason to recycle your ideas, too. Not everyone has read everything you’ve written. Read How to Recycle your Ideas for ways to expand on your past content.

In Newsletter Ideas for Business Networking Associations you’ll find relevant, useful and interesting ideas to engage your members and potential members.

There are ways to create content on a regular basis without writing articles. One of those is researching and compiling information that’s valuable to your target market. Can’t Write? Try Research.

When you want your potential customer to feel more of a personal connection with you, offering more of yourself via an audio greeting is another step closer to making your way into their hearts and minds. In Adding Audio to your Content, Part 1 and Part 2, voice actor Natasha Marchewka explains how even novices can create audio content.

Whether it’s an article title, a blog post title, a subject line or a call to action, there is no doubt that crafting a good one takes a little art and a little science. Crafting a Title to Get Read means using keywords and phrases that people might search for.

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