Repurpose Articles into Infographics

Repurposing Articles into Infographics
I'm a big fan of repurposing content for two reasons:
  • It can save me time.
  • People have different ways of learning. Different formats for the same material will ensure a broader reach.

Summing up a past article in a graphical format is a great way to appeal to a different audience. Pick an article that can be summed up into bullet points. Then turn those bullet points into a graphical format. With the proliferation of infographics, we now have lots of choices of apps to make it easy for us to create our own:

Here are a few examples of our own infographics:

In her article Marketing with Infographics, Janet Slack suggested these other creative uses for infographics:
  • Share testimonials
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Share customer statistics
  • Share responses to customer questions
  • Countdown to big events on your website
  • Share trends

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