Newsletter Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

Your goal is to provide useful and interesting info which will make you a trusted resource. And you want to be top of mind when one of your subscribers decides to buy or sell property.

There are a lot of ideas you can incorporate into your newsletter strategy. Here are a few to get you started... and some of them don’t even require you to write!

Neighbourhood profiles
Visit a neighbourhood and talk to people who live there. Check out the schools, shopping malls, and places to eat. Drive the main routes to understand the traffic. Take pictures and videos. You can include the best of it all in your newsletter.

Community event listings
Ultimately useful, this strategy is a real winner. It’s also very time consuming. You’ll want to connect with all of the organizations in your community that put on events - this can have other benefits too.

Industry information
It’s easy to include content like trends in mortgage rates, property sales, and house design. Also consider including news related to zoning changes, new construction, and neighbourhood businesses.

Tips and advice
Provide suggestions about financing strategies, house and property maintenance, energy saving options, gardening, pet care, and interior/exterior d├ęcor.

Community news
Families will find these items useful: school calendars and events, local park information, volunteer opportunities, charities, and entertainment options.

photo by Mark Moz

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