Searching for Creative Commons Images

I have fun searching through images, looking for "just that one" that is a visual expression of my written words. Usually I want a look that is less staged than a purchased stock photo.

You can access Creative Commons licensed images directly from their website via a number of sources. But I have a Flickr account, so that is where I head first.

Once you go to Flickr, here is how you search:

First, enter your search term - I used 'newsletter' - and click the magnifying glass.

On the next screen, click on 'Advanced Search'.

The next screen gives you a variety of search options. Near the bottom, you'll find the Creative Commons option. Select it and then click 'Search'.

Make sure you give proper attribution to the photographer - their 'handle' or name and a link to the image. There will be a link which gives you detailed info about the license type - it's always good to double-check.

Warning: minutes and even hours can go by quickly!

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