Ink It when you Think It

Do you lose track of your great ideas? I do and I know my clients do, too.

I’ve written before about using an ‘idea catcher’. Mine is a notepad but sometimes that’s not good enough. Many people have said they get their best ideas in the shower (here’s a tool for that), while driving or walking, or standing in line.

Our ideas are precious but fleeting, and it may not be easy to capture them all in one place. The important thing is to capture them somehow.

Handwritten notes: If your notebook isn’t handy use the back of a receipt or a napkin. When you eventually write the article, include a photo of your note for visual interest.

Typed notes: There are many ways to capture your ideas if you’re sitting at your computer. I tend to use Word for lengthier articles or series (kept in a folder called ‘content ideas’) and I start a draft on my blog for brief articles.

Phone or tablet: When you’re out and about, use notepad apps, or send yourself a text message, email or even voicemail.

This article was inspired by a client who teaches memory techniques. Eileen Pease told me, “The faintest pencil mark is better than the best memory.”

If you regularly think about your content, develop ideas, and record them, you’ll never be at a loss when there’s a deadline looming.

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