Content Plans were Made to be Broken

You might be very successful if you’re working on your content once a week for a couple of hours, independent of your other business activities. You’re working to a plan and that’s great.

Break away from your routine this week and be spontaneous. (The planner in me loves making plans and the rebel in me loves to find creative ways to break them.) You’ll find the content you develop is more inspired if you can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Here are some examples of short pieces of content you can write in the moment.

  • You have a phone discussion or meeting with a customer. Write a success story, answer a question, describe a service, describe something that makes you unique.
  • You receive an inquiry by email, or on Facebook or LinkedIn. Answer the inquiry on your blog and include the link when you reply.
  • You learn something new. Perhaps you took a course or maybe you read an article. Learning anything translates into great content. Check out the ‘What I Learned’ template for tips on writing this article fast.
  • You receive a testimonial. Get it up on your website, include it in the footer of your next newsletter, write a success story.
  • You have to troubleshoot or fix a mistake. Write a ‘What Not to Do’ or ‘Wrong Way, Right Way’ article.
  • You disagree with someone else’s advice. Write the wrong, including a link to the original article.

You’ll quickly find this type of content also reflects your personality more, helping you make a personal connection with your readers.
You may not want to get distracted by writing content every day but taking a break from your plan now and then will pay off.