Are You an Ad Agency of One?

Advertising agencies get paid big bucks to create witty, actionable slogans and calls to action. So what do us small businesses who can’t pay big bucks do? The answer is not to call on a friend. And it’s not to just ignore call to action opportunities.

It’s you who has to develop those clever calls to action for your business. It can be stressful and time consuming. Pacing around the office doesn’t help much but I continue to do it.

Keep your inhouse ad agency sharp by scheduling a weekly repeating 30-minute spot in your calendar for each of these activities below:

  1. Seek inspiration actively, not just when you stumble upon it. Check what experts in your industry are talking about. Find a free ecourse. Buy (and read!) a new business book.
  2. Find an inspiration buddy. We often find it easier to come up with ideas for other businesses. Reciprocate with another business owner by brainstorming together regularly.
  3. Stay current. It’s so very easy to do a little research while sitting at your desk. This one is a no-brainer!

That’s 90 minutes per week to work on your promotional messaging. You’ll soon discover it’s a worthwhile time investment.

originally published in Work Better, Not Harder August 23, 2016

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