Get a Head Start

Start thinking about your next newsletter issue as soon as your last one has gone out.

Set up a place to gather your content ideas - an 'idea catcher'. I use a folder on my Windows desktop. If you're not always sitting at your computer when inspiration hits, there are other more flexible tools: Evernote, DropboxGoogle Docs, and many more. (Along with everything else, Evernote even allows you to capture all your tweets, which are usually a good source for content ideas.)

Load up your idea catcher. When you have an inspired idea about something you want to include in your next issue, plop it in.

This works really well if you regularly include popular quotes, blog posts, book recommendations, and other resources. As soon as you come across ones you want to use, 'catch' them.

By the time your issue date rolls around, it won’t seem like such a chore to assemble your newsletter. The bonus of this approach is that you have less stress trying to remember all those great ideas!


  1. I haven't found the right idea catcher system yet...Can't get "in" to Google docs and I just don't want to set up yet another account... I do keep a list on my calender but it's not the best system...

  2. In reality, Danielle has become my idea catcher lately ;)


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