All of Your Words are Important

But all of our marketing words are not important in every context. We have to pick and choose.

When I first started my business almost 15 years ago, I remember struggling with the distinction between features and benefits, and with talking about my potential clients’ pain. Years later my collection of words and phrases has grown to include keywords, calls-to-action and testimonials. This month I’ve been working with The Phone Lady to develop a plan and process for prospecting… even more words!

It can be confusing to know… what are the best words to use when?

A website is a great example of seeing our words in action (or inaction as the case may be). It will contain features and benefits, pain points, broad and specific solutions, calls-to-action, keywords and testimonials. But we should never just toss them in somewhere and hope they’ll work. Think alphabet soup.

We need to use our words appropriately to lead our visitors to take some action. It might be a small action, like clicking a link, or a bigger action like subscribing or filling out an intake form. ANY action is good because it generally leads to more.

Your words are an important part of establishing your brand and, the longer you’ve been in business, the more you’ll have accumulated. I suggest that how you use your precious words is even more important. Sadly, I see more bad examples than good examples every day.

If your website holds an important role in building your business, treat it with great care. Give your words the roles where they work the best.