What Name Are You Using?

This morning I deleted an email from a good friend and past client. I didn’t realize it was from that wonderful lady because it didn’t show up in my inbox from her name or her company’s name. I only dug it out of my trash after deleting because the wording of the subject line seemed familiar.

42% of people check out the sender name when deciding whether to open an email.
– source: https://litmus.com/blog/6-shocking-myths-about-subject-lines

My own newsletters, my blog posts and my weekly event list all go out from my own name – Linda Daley – and have for years. I absolutely know that if I suddenly changed the sender name on my emails, to say Daley Progress, my open rate would drop significantly. This is an experiment I don’t need or want to try.

Personal names often do better as far as email opens go but it can depend on how well you know your subscribers. More importantly, don’t switch the sender name once you’re well established. You want your subscribers to recognize you in their inboxes.