This Simple Tip Will Improve Your Writing… and Your Confidence

Sometimes it’s hard to heed my own advice. Even when I know this particular piece of advice is perhaps the most important when it comes to creating content.

I can give you a number of tips to help you write better articles. But there is one simple thing you can do that can really improve the quality of your work, to make your content more useful and interesting. This tip is particularly ingenious – are you ready for it?

Prepare your content over two separate sittings, preferably on two different days. It’s a simple concept but often not so easy to implement with deadlines looming.

First sitting:

  1. do an outline
  2. research if necessary
  3. write a draft

Second sitting:

  1. review and edit your draft
  2. add appropriate links to past articles
  3. run spell-check and proof (read aloud if you don’t have a proofer)

Coming back to your writing with fresh eyes will almost always result in improvement. Because you are taking extra care to craft your messages, you’ll feel more confident about the results. Another bonus is that it doesn’t cost you more money or take much more time. All you have to do is not wait till the dreaded last minute. Easy, right?​

photo by delgrosso / Flickr

originally published in Work Better, Not Harder newsletter Dec-30-16

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