4 Tips to Gain Trust with your Subject Line

The main goal of your subject line is to get your subscribers to open your newsletter – that’s it. But achieving that is not as simple as it sounds.

If you are engaged in promotional email campaigns (advertising), you might use scare tactics or name dropping to encourage opens. These tactics may work well for B2C marketing but if your goal is to build your reputation and gain trust, ensure that your subject line is not misleading. You don’t want your subscribers to feel let down or ripped off once they click to open.

Here are some tips for creating a subject line that encourages opens without endangering your reputation:

  • Simply and clearly describe the content within, focusing on results not features. Make sure to develop content that your subscribers will find valuable and interesting. Don’t use fancy words and acronyms.
  • Ask a question your readers are dying to know the answer to. Make sure you answer the question within your newsletter!
  • Say something surprising about the content within but don’t be frivolous or exaggerate excessively.
  • Use numbers. This sends an indication that the content within is broken down into manageable bits or describes a step-by-step process.

Don’t rely on any one of the above tactics exclusively – mix it up. Watch your open rates to gauge what is working best for you.

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