How to Publish a Newsletter without Writing

There are two things that usually keep someone from starting a newsletter. One is compiling their first mailing list. The other is: “But I can’t write very well!” There are ways to publish a newsletter without having to do a lot of writing.

#1. Come up with the ideas and prepare an outline. Then delegate or hire someone to do the writing for you.

#2. Curate content. That means researching and gathering content from other sources that you then share, giving appropriate credit. This model is used by online publishing empires like Huffington Post and Smart Briefs. Search for content online or set up Google Alerts for your keywords.

#3. Solicit content from other experts serving the same target market. Using a model of guest contributors, offer the opportunity for writers to get in front of your audience. Develop systems to attract relevant, well-written content.

#4. Use a different medium; create and include your own photos, graphics, video or audio.

Whether it’s the talent or the confidence that you lack, if you want to publish a newsletter, there are many ways to get it done without writing the content yourself.