3 Unique Ways to Use your Newsletter

If you have a newsletter, it should have a read online link. This link takes the reader to the web version of your newsletter. This is an archive copy of your newsletter that is like a web page. How can you use this?

1) You can use it to provide event details and online payment for any event you are planning. Particularly useful if you have difficulty with website updates. Just send a newsletter event announcement with a register now PayPal link in it. The read online link url becomes your event registration page. Share it on social media, include it in follow-up email, and post it on your blog.

2) Put it on your website as a resource for your clients and customers. Many of us are answering common client questions inside our newsletters. You can use the read online url on your website with your FAQ answers or in case studies. If you are answering those questions on your blog, you can use it there too!

3) Once you have a few issues under your belt, keep your archive link handy. Each time a client emails asking a question you have already published your best answer to, email them the read online url for the appropriate issue. Your archive becomes, over time, a database of all your best answers and you can update them with a more recent issue anytime. Think of the time this will save you!