Small Business Blogging: Your Third Post

Now that you’ve got a start with your first and second posts, let’s tackle a listicle (a list turned into an article). Grab a pen and notepad and we’ll get started.

The “What You Need to Know” Article

Listicles are my favourite blog posts to write because they don’t require too much deep thinking or creative editing. They can be short and fun, and it’s easy to start one and finish it later.


You’re enjoying coffee with your ideal client (just pretend). There’s something about what you do that they just don’t get. You implore, “Here’s what you need to know about …………………” Now fill in the blank – make a list of items you can put into that blank. My list could include things like antispam legislation, list building, and bulk email apps.


Pick one of the items from your list and make another list of the things that your ideal client needs to know about that item. Following my example, if I pick antispam legislation, my list would include:

  • types of permission
  • sign-up processes
  • unsubscribe processes

Aim for at least 3 things on your list but go for 6-7 if you can.


Next, write out a short description for each point. It need only be 2-3 sentences if that’s all that’s needed to explain. Here is a fillable worksheet you can download for this. You might also include links to more info on that topic.


Finally, write a short introductory paragraph using important keywords. Then write a wrap-up paragraph at the end which includes some action your reader can take and a call-to-action.


This is one of my early posts using this format:

What You Might Not Know about Starting an eNewsletter

Ways to Use This Content

Refer back to Small Business Blogging: Your First Post for a long list of ways to use this content.

Next Steps

If you’re congratulating yourself because that was so easy, stay with the flow. Circle back to step #1 and choose another item. Heck, if you’re really motivated, do a listicle for every item on your list and you’ll be way ahead of your blogging schedule ;)