Perpetual One-Question Survey = Evergreen Content

You and I both know it can be a lot of work to keep the content machine going – blogging, email marketing, social media and more. When I find an idea I can execute in 15 minutes that will give me social media posts and blog content (plus market intelligence) for years, I’m all over that.

It’s easier to explain if I give you an example – here’s my own one-question survey: What is your content creation stumbling block?

Why run a one-question survey?

You get market intelligence which is a fancy way of saying you can find out about your target market’s problems, or preferences, or habits, or whatever you want to find out. I was curious to know what it is about blogging that people struggle with the most because I want to write articles that are helpful.

You get three kinds of content:

Calls-to-action to get people to complete your survey – on social feeds, in your newsletter, on your blog, in your email signature, and so on.

Sharing the results periodically – on social feeds, in your newsletter, on your blog, and so on.

Ideas for articles, lead magnets, courses and more – once you get enough responses to see a trend. For instance, my survey shows that people struggle the most with coming up with content ideas and starting to write. My free download – Quick & Easy Content Creation Workbook – helps with both of these problems. Plus I’ve written many posts with content ideas and how-to’s (like this one).

Set it up in 15 minutes.

  1. Write down your survey question. Make sure it’s asking for information that will be useful to you.
  2. Make it multiple choice. List a number of common answers. I suggest you don’t use an ‘other’ option for this as it’ll make your graphs less concise.
  3. Hop over to (or your fave survey tool) and set up a free account if you don’t have one.
  4. Set up your question and multiple-choice answers. I suggest turning on the option that allows respondents to view the accumulated results after they answer the question. This gives people an incentive to do your survey.
  5. Put your survey live and grab the link. Start with setting up some CTAs (see above) and you’ll want to create a few graphics. Here’s an example of one I use to promote my survey:
OK now start your timer – 15 minutes – go.