Little Things Can Have a Big Impact on Your Business Success

Seth Godin’s post today – We’re still clueless about lifetime value – got me thinking, as his posts usually do. (Take a minute to read it.)

I love his line, “Torrents are made of drips.” He’s referring to the long-term impact of small, seemingly inconsequential, actions – like when I have to call Netfirms three times before I get a resolution to a domain problem. That company will never get my referrals for website hosting, even though I get asked regularly for referrals to good website hosting companies. That’s not business lost – it’s business they’ll never get… but could have.

Now think of the website hosting company that I do refer people to – SiteGround Hosting Ltd. (aff). I have sent them 8 referrals in the last 6 months. And I bet some of those people have gone on to refer SiteGround, or will. Those people will refer more people, and so on. By treating me well in every interaction I’ve had with them, they’ve earned my loyalty – and my desire to share with others.

How can you get even a couple of more people to refer your business? Is there something you can do right now to start a few drips leading to a torrent?

PS: This Siteground success story started a year ago on The Phone Lady’s blog – read about it here.