Old Tech for New Content Ideas

File cards – yup, I’ve been walking around with a few in my purse, wrapped in an elastic band. File cards are fantastic for catching your great content ideas, and here’s why:

  1. Small size – less space than a notebook and no bigger than a cell phone
  2. Entertainment – can keep you occupied while on the bus or waiting at a coffee shop
  3. Transportable – featherweight, fits in your back pocket
  4. Skins/cases are cheap – you can change the colour of the elastic band whenever you want
  5. Expandable – easy to add notes or do a quick outline
  6. Customizable – different colours, lined or unlined, different sizes, add star stickers to your best ideas
  7. Recyclable
Plus they enable creativity. When you’re frustrated, throw them up in the air. Examine how they land to see unexpected connections. This is a tactic of Sue Grafton’s private detective Kinsey Millhone… and it works for content, too.

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