Do You Get Excited About Marketing Tasks?

Do you enjoy doing your own marketing? The answer has a big impact on how successful you will be at it. Stop and consider:
  • Do you like doing marketing work?
  • Do you have the needed skills?
  • Are you good at it, really?
  • Is what you’re doing yielding desired results?

No? Beware. Negativity and stress will rain all over your marketing activities, dampening your results.

It can be daunting to give up control and money for marketing help. I do marketing for clients, charities and myself… and I still hire experts for my own marketing. I’m happy to get fresh and creative input from other pros. And I’ve learned I’m much better at other people’s marketing than my own.

In recent months, I’ve had marketing help from eleven different people. Some was consulting, some training, but a fair bit was doing things I do for my own clients. Even though I love marketing, I still delegate.

Instead of trying to convince you it will be a good thing, how about a little experiment? Pick one task to delegate, only one to start with. Something tedious that needs regular attention, and that you keep putting off. Something like… I delegated a bit of routine social media work to my sister.

You can make big strides with a little extra help. What are you going to delegate as your first experiment? I’m curious – let me know in the comments.

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