Actively Share your Newsletter Issues on Social Media

You may already be autoposting your newsletter onto your social media feeds when you send it out. It makes sense to share it more than once, especially if it’s the only content you have (i.e. if you’re not also blogging).

Re-sharing your newsletter issues using the read online link on your social media feeds multiple times will extend your readership beyond your current subscribers… and hopefully encourage new ones.

Facebook Page, Google+ and LinkedIn
If not autoposted, post a link to the online version of your newsletter as soon as it goes out. Use the sharing buttons within your newsletter to make it easy. For a monthly newsletter, you might consider sharing it again a couple of times before your next issue goes out.

Tweet a link to the online version of your newsletter a couple of times a week until your next issue goes out. Use the tweet button in your newsletter but change up the tweet text each time. Add an image to the tweet for added oomph. If you have guest writers and they are on Twitter, tag them in your posts.

Facebook personal feed
Depending on your strategy, you might also consider sharing your newsletter to your personal feed.

Here are a few other suggestions to get more mileage from your email newsletter on social media:

  • If your articles will stand the test of time (evergreen), and you don’t already have them on your blog, continue to share out those issues, using anchor links to the specific articles if you’ve used them.
  • You can even get mileage out of the rest of your newsletter content by posting links for Throwback Thursday. Reminiscing can start interesting discussions.
  • Regularly post links to your newsletter archive – it can serve as a resource page for your fans.
One final piece of advice: if you’re going to work so hard to get people to read your newsletter, make sure you also make it easy for them to share it!

photo by U.S. Embassy Pakistan / Flickr