Colour Palettes for Summer Marketing

A photo can be a powerful marketing message, an expression of brand with more impact than a logo. It’s worth a thousand words and expressed through many thousands of colours. We have feelings about the image itself and about the colours.
You know how you feel when looking at a beautiful photo of sand, sun and surf? Aquamarine, white, pink, and deep blue. Even if you don’t own a bathing suit, you want to be there. Summer colour schemes can be bright and vibrant, or cool and relaxed.

What does your summer marketing campaign look and feel like?
Here are some photos that inspired me. I’ve included html colour codes and links to the original photos on if you want to download for yourself.

Can a fallen leaf be elegant? I think this one is – elegant and earthy. And, if I have time to contemplate this leaf, I must be feeling relaxed and at ease.
Gazania are attention hogs in the garden with their warm colours and pinwheel designs.
Purple always catches my attention regardless of the subject matter. This scene makes me think of mysteries and romance. Pass the wine.
Warm, fuzzy, cute, cuddly, feminine, and youthful all come to mind. Pink elicits feelings of love and contentment.
Cool, calm, collected… and casual. I love these shades of denim blue!
Even if you don’t live by the ocean, this photo shouts ‘summer vacation’. A cool breeze lifts your hair and work feels very far away.