Resist the Urge to Ask

Received this message on Facebook:

What is your opinion about sending this kind of email below out? I am on the fence. (I’ve changed the name on their signature and company for privacy.)

“Hi Natasha,
We are doing a little organizing and noticed that it’s been a while since you have opened any emails or shown any activity via the “XYZ” email subscription.
No worries!
We value your time! We just want to be sure we are bringing good vibes to the online community whilst not pestering anyone with unwanted emails.
Are we bothering you?
If you don’t want to receive any future emails from us you can click here to unsubscribe from the mailing list. No prob.
If you do want to receive these emails then you simply need to do nothing. Keep on keepin’ on.
Find What Feels Good.

Consider this:

  1. If the motivation for sending something to your list is personal, think twice. Always give something of value – this email doesn’t do that.
  2. Your email statistics are incomplete. Assuming you would send this to people who show as not opening your newsletter, that can be misleading. There are lots of people reading newsletters on mobile devices and/or without images enabled – these would not show up as opens. So you would be sending to some (a growing number) who actually have opened.
  3. Wasted effort? If they don’t open your newsletter, how likely are they to open this?
  4. Why would you suggest that someone unsubscribe? Experts who recommend pruning your list are leading business owners astray – read more about why list pruning is not a great idea.
I can tell you what I’ve done the few times I’ve opened emails like this – immediately unsubscribed. It definitely works if your aim is to reduce your subscriber list.
Please, resist the urge to ask. Let your subscribers manage what they want to receive.