When Perfect is the Goal

When Perfect is the Goal

Perfect is an impossible goal. Some would say that if you strive for perfection, you are setting yourself up for failure. I agree. To the point that I don’t think you should beat yourself up when you miss the mark. Because you will. We all do.

But if perfection is not the goal, what is? I don’t think there is anything wrong with shooting for perfection. What else do you shoot for? A little less than perfect?

I think ignoring perfection is a worse trap to fall into. We see it all the time in error-filled newsletters. Spelling mistakes, broken links, old or incorrect information can be avoided for the most part. Nothing will lose readers faster than links that take them nowhere, or that take another 10 clicks to get somewhere, or worse – a map that takes them nowhere!

We harp on proofreading all the time. A second, fresh set of eyes is what we talk about. Even then, the odd mistake will slip through. The odd mistake can be forgiven. But if your newsletter is mistake-ridden, every time you send, you need to find someone more serious about proofreading for you. This problem is not about perfection, it is about taking the job seriously, professionalism and pride of performance.

Because when perfect is the goal, you should land close, almost every time!