Everyone I Meet Should Do This

I want everyone I meet to take one key action. Whether you meet me at a networking breakfast or on Facebook, browsing our website or reading our blog, there’s one simple thing I want you to do.

You want every person you meet to take that same action. It doesn’t matter if you sell insurance or shoes, advice or lunch, workshops or ideas. That action can mean the difference between never seeing someone again or becoming their favourite stop.

Calls to action beg you to phone or email, download this file or fill out that form, click here or read this, watch a video or follow on Twitter. So many choices, so little time… and so many distractions.

Everyone I meet should subscribe to my newsletter mailing list. A bit of an anticlimax? Consider that if I can get them to do that, I’ll have more chances to do all of that other stuff, like get someone as a fan or on the phone, sell them an idea or a service, get a referral or a testimonial.

All of that is possible because I’ll have another chance to do it instead of cramming everything into one interaction. I’ll have the opportunity to build a relationship in the future, to become someone they know, like and trust.

photo by iammikeb/Flickr