4 Ways to Constantly Grow your List

Over a year, your mailing list will decrease by 30%. That’s an industry average but we’ve seen it with our own and clients’ lists. You’ll lose contacts in several ways, not just through unsubscribes. People change their email addresses, for example, or have other difficulties that cause your newsletters to bounce.

If you start the year with 1000 subscribers and don’t do anything to grow your list, you’ll be down to 700 by the end of the year. Please believe me. Don’t try this at home.

A newsletter set-up is not a one-time event. Your strategy, design and content will get stale unless you’re paying attention to keep them fresh. Likewise, you need to continue to grow your list.

  1. Use your social media accounts to actively promote your newsletter. Use a compelling call to action.
  2. Take advantage of your place of business or point of sale, whether online or off. Collect email addresses as part of your sales process.
  3. Recruit subscribers when networking. Offer to sign them up – don’t leave it up to them to do it when they return to their busy office.
  4. Offer an enticement to get people to your sign-up form. This may be a give-away or a great teaser for the content to follow.

Once you get someone to your sign up form:

  • Make it immediately visible on the page.
  • Ask for email address only unless you have a burning reason for wanting more.
  • Explain what subscribers will get and how often – what’s in it for them.
  • Provide examples of past issues by including a link to your newsletter archive.

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  1. GREAT help, Linda! While I don't mind unsubscribes, because I feel like it streamlines my list to those who are really interested, adding new subscribers is a challenge for my business.
    What did you mean by: •Make it immediately visible on the page.?
    Thanks in advance!

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