Stick with the Plan

12/12/12 marked 7 years since I incorporated Daley Progress. If I only knew then what I know now!

The last couple of years have been very different from the previous ones. I finally stuck to a realistic plan.

Now, I know all about plans and how to implement them. I’ve been a planner of some type throughout my whole career. As a business owner, I’ve attended Debi Hartlen MacDonald’s bootcamp and updated my business plan every January.

For the first few years I created pretty much the same plan. It became quite elegant. The plans were getting better but I wasn’t getting better at achieving them.

The secret, I discovered, is that you have to plan the right thing. I didn’t want to do the action items needed to make that plan successful.

What I needed was to plan the type of business where I didn’t need to prospect, since that is what was holding me back. It took a while but now that I have the right plan, sticking to it is easy (well, easier).

As you’re making plans for the New Year, consider if you’re really going to do all those action items. Be realistic about how you want to spend your time in the bright new year.

Originally published in Work Better, Not Harder on December 27, 2012.