3 C’s and the Strategy Solution

The 3 C’s of enewsletter execution are contacts, consistency and content. All three can cause issues, some of which can stop you in your tracks. The good news is that all of them can be managed with a well-planned strategy.

Vet your initial contact list and then work to grow it with subscribers within your target market, friends, family and fans. A high bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, or complaint rate on your first send will be a red flag to your bulk email service provider and may cause them to lock your account. Do not start your contact list with every email you have collected since the dawn of the computer! Subscribers outside your target market are costing you money and bringing you little value. Identify your target market and fill your contact list with subscribers within that market. Don’t forget your fans!

Consistency is important to your subscribers. Over time, they will come to expect certain types of content on an established schedule. Your sign up form should also advise them of issue frequency (your service provider will expect this) and once you give them an expectation, you should work to deliver. Never sacrifice quality content for schedule, but never underestimate the importance of your schedule. Guest articles are a good strategy for finding great content on time. When developing your strategy, make sure you set your schedule and identify how you will manage content to that schedule.

Content is a huge topic. The most important thing is to make sure that your content is interesting and valuable to your subscribers. If you have identified your target market, content is easier to manage. It is impossible to create relevant content for every reader but it is possible to create content that is relevant to every reader within your target market.

Take the time to plan ahead. Having a strategy before you start will go a long way to keeping you confidently on track and stress-free as you launch your eNewsletter.