The Bottom Line About Newsletter Bottoms

There seems to be some thinking that getting people to read to the bottom of a newsletter is a most desirable goal. And, if getting people to read to the bottom (read the whole newsletter) is so important, isn’t putting the really good stuff at the bottom the best way to make that happen?

The short answer is that it doesn’t matter. Oh, the placement of content matters but whether someone reads to the bottom doesn’t… at all. If you think it does, you are thinking about your newsletter strategy all wrong.

It’s all about your reader finding value in opening your newsletter. That value might be in the form of useful information or it might be interesting reading or both. And it definitely shouldn’t be hidden away at the bottom. In fact, it should be immediately obvious.

Having readers discover value in hearing from you regularly is the goal. It doesn’t matter how much they read. Your readers aren’t thinking, “I have to read through all this other stuff before I can get to the really juicy stuff at the bottom.” They’re more likely to lose interest and never make it that far.

Instead of thinking about how you can get people to do things, think about how you can add more value instead.