Annoyed With All the COVID Emails? 3 Reasons to Communicate

We’re all getting inundated with COVID emails – yes – but I’m glad the companies I do business with are paying attention and communicating their plans. I need to know that my web host and other service providers are taking action to be able to continue to operate. I am glad that local restaurants (Finbars, for example) have staff volunteers willing to help those in need. I’m comforted to know that we’re all paying attention.

During this time, most business owners are struggling with what to stop doing, what to start doing, and what to keep doing. Communication is more important now. Let’s not stop but rather be mindful.

Here are 3 reasons why business owners need to keep communicating:

#1. To let your customers know you’re running business-as-usual or… not. Many bricks-and-mortar businesses are closed, offering pick-up or delivery, or open for limited hours. Even people who work at home (like me) are susceptible to illness and need a back-up plan.

#2. To show your customers that you are paying attention and taking action if appropriate. Knowing that my web host has all of their support staff working at home is reassuring. It tells me they are concerned about continuity of service and also that they care about their employees.

#3. To share insights about how your industry and your customers are being impacted. Offer advice and tips (example), curate key information, share your personal experience (example), make a convincing argument (example).

If you don’t have a mailing list already in place to communicate with your customers (and potential customers), you may be wishing you had started sooner. There’s never a better time to start than now.