What’s Your Stumbling Block? Blogging Survey

Ever since I wrote this article — Where Do You Get Stuck? — a couple of years ago, I’ve been on a mission to come up with solutions to content creation obstacles.

  1. coming up with ideas
  2. adapting your ideas for writing
  3. starting to write
  4. finishing writing
  5. editing and proofing
  6. finding or creating graphics
  7. keywords and publishing

Aside from talking about this a lot with small business owners, I’ve also been circulating a survey on my social media feeds. If I know where people most often get stuck, I know where to focus my problem-solving efforts.

Here are the survey results so far:

survey results as of Jan-4-20

If you’re suffering from any of those first three obstacles, using writing templates will help enormously. You can get a workbook here that includes 15 templates.