Getting Back on Track

If you’re feeling – like I am – that you need to get focused for the next quarter, perhaps my list of planned activities below will be helpful.

Business development: Continuing to refresh and work to a business plan is a top priority, but sometimes it can get lost in the daily grind. I have several activities I’m keeping alive and making progress on by using a simple project management tool (Trello). I recommend reading The Phone Lady’s post with advice about how to reach your revenue goals this year.

Website refresh and audit: It’s a good idea to do an audit of your website quarterly. It’s even better if you pay or beg someone else to do it for you – they will see things you won’t. Over the summer I’ve been working with Alison Knott on a brand refresh that you’ll see roll out in September. A full audit will be part of that process.

Masterminding: This continues to be an important road to business development and growth for me and my company. If you’re not already masterminding on a regular basis, consider adding this activity. There are lots of things that can make masterminding successful – or not – but an important aspect is that it’s done on a regular basis.

Training and professional development: Identifying and then finding the training we need is better than blindly jumping at opportunities that “sound good”. I regularly pay other experts for one-to-one training to shorten my learning curve and have found this to be very efficient. If you’re looking for more formal small business training opportunities, and you’re in the Halifax area, check my latest event listing to see upcoming NS Workplace Ed offerings.

Content marketing plan: Since I specialize in this, you might think I’ve got it covered in spades. You’d be wrong… but it’s on my to-do list. Having it all in my head isn’t the same as having it documented, with a plan to follow. If you’d like help with your online marketing, I can do that.

Communication: All this activity helps no one if we don’t tell people about the value they can get by working with us and about the new offerings we’re developing. During September, I’ll be reaching out to friends and colleagues to update them. You might consider doing the same.

Have a successful business quarter!